In September 2014 we launched the online magazine Capital Cultural with the idea of writing about things we would like to read. We wanted to discover people and their nature, to write stories and interviews from the front and back of the stage, from the performance hall, to learn which are the concerns of artists, directors, writers, cultural events organizers as well as spectators.

Here we are, a bit over a year later with more than 500 pieces published on, with a team of young people, some of them having been with us from the onset, others having come later on drawn by the idea of an independent publication with great expectations, first of all from the team itself. We got together in Sibiu (from different places, different schools) anchored in the online media; we hold our editors’ meetings on Facebook, where we also host a group of ideas with greater plans than last year’s. We learnt that one needs patience and persistence for things that one really wants.

That one must be fair to oneself before anything else and pleased with what one is. That one must wish to be better and believe that one can do more. Not by oneself, but with a whole team by one’s side. People learn from people so when you need help, ask for it. Only then will you comprehend how fast ideas may grow with the support of those around you, how we need to stick together and create communities; to see competition as a positive thing, grow together and believe in our projects. What we do is not easy, we don’t always come by happy, content people, but from each and every one we manage to take the good message and thought that we pass along to our readers. We do not see only the beautiful aspects of cultural events, but we try to write so as to help the organizers or the spectators, as well.

Now, if you are reading these lines, it means that you have also discovered the printed version of our magazine. It is part of the same project, a natural continuation of what we started in 2014. We provide an alternative to people who wish to disconnect from the internet and flip through a magazine in a café, a book shop, a train or before a concert. If you cannot finish the story, just fold the page and come back later. And give it to your friends or co-workers. Maybe they want to learn the beyond-the-scene stories of people. This is how the news travels, in fact, from month to mouth. And if you flip through the first number and you think you do resonate with our ideas, give us a sign at, we’re there all the time. Here, we’ll be present every three months. This is how it starts.

(article published in the printed magazine Capital Cultural, No. 1)

English Translation: Silvana Vulcan