Beyond numbers, behind any successful project stand strong, visionary people, who become examples for those around them. Through hard work, perseverance, ambition and seriousness, Dedeman has become the best Romanian entrepreneurial company.

However, beyond its economic success, Dedeman has taken on a continuous commitment to get involved in the community, by supporting cultural, educational, sports and community projects. Dragoș Pavăl, one of the two brothers and successful entrepreneurs who set up and developed the company Dedeman, talked to us about the project “Planuri de bine” (Plans to do good), as well as about the need for as many people to support education and culture.

Over time, Dedeman has invested in sports, culture, education, and community plans – all the things now under the umbrella of the project “Planuri de bine”. How has this project started and what is the community’s feedback?

Dragoș Pavăl: “Planuri de bine” includes several social responsibility projects, some of which began many years ago, others more recently. As our company grew, we felt we had to give something back to the community through projects, campaigns and events aimed at improving the quality of life. The feedback has been positive: we appreciate people’s openness to such events and are glad to be able to contribute.

You have been partners of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival since 2014. How has this partnership evolved over these four years? How do you see the Festival now, from the inside, as members of its big family?

Dragoș Pavăl: The partnership with the Sibiu International Theatre Festival is one of our longest, and this is due to the commitment, responsibility and professionalism of the organizers, with whom we have an excellent relationship. We are happy to see the Festival grow year after year and to see that the Romanian public is so open to this type of cultural events.

Every year, you offer scholarships to high school students from rural areas who have good results at school. You also support other educational and entrepreneurial projects. What motivates you to take these initiatives further? How important is it for private businesses to support education?

Dragoș Pavăl: Through this kind of educational projects, we are developing our future. Without high quality education, that is at the same time accessible and connected to new technologies, we will not be prepared to face the challenges to come. The more people become aware and start supporting this idea, the easier it will be to build a strong society.

What values/beliefs have you acquired throughout all these years since you have been playing in the most competitive Romanian league? What matters most in a competitive environment?

Dragoș Pavăl: From the very beginning, we have been driven by seriousness, ambition, perseverance, honesty and hard work. These are all things that both our clients, and collaborators expect from us, and time has proven that you can thrive in any environment if you abide by these values.