Every year, the Sibiu International Theatre Festival brings together people from various fields. Besides the great meetings between spectators and artists, there are key moments when the organizers of the Sibiu Festival make meetings with its great partners possible – people who have understood that supporting performing arts projects and not only is the best investment in the future of each and every one of us.

An exceptional partnership is that with Therme Bucuresti. Stelian Iacob, Therme Bucuresti General Manager, thinks it is a partnership which grows organically due to a common objective: to make the world a better place, starting with Romania.

You have the privilege of getting project offers from all over the world (Canada, China, Great Britain, Japan). How do you prioritize all these offers and how do you use, to the advantage of Romania, the experience that you have and will accumulate in the future as world achiever in the field?

Stelian Iacob: Since the beginning, our intention was to create projects that will redefine the experience of wellness and leisure for millions of people around the world.

In every location that we are present around the world, our aim is to capture the local DNA, the culture and the sense of the place and integrate them seamlessly in our concepts.

We are always looking for the most efficient and greenest solutions to the specific challenges we face and Therme Bucuresti is the project that embodies all this experience accumulated over time. That is why, we believe Therme Bucuresti represents a benchmark for Romania and a destination for millions of tourists that visit us, thus promoting our country at the highest level.

What is your relationship with architecture, new technologies, smart buildings and performing arts and cultural management quality? How do you combine the two dimensions for the good, the joy and the health of your visitors?

Stelian Iacob: We strongly believe that the synergy between architecture and new technologies can have a positive impact and improve the life of people around the world. Yet, technology is never the end goal, but rather the medium to create the right environments, the ideal stage for humans to enjoy life in a perfect state of receptivity and in harmony with nature.

Under the concept of “Culture of Health”, Therme sets up the stage for the free expression of culture and innovative possibilities to experience art. With the Therme Art Programme and Therme Architecture, we are committed to contributing to open conversations on the future of humanity.

Stelian Iacob Simion

Stelian Iacob

For Therme, technology’s purpose will always be to compliment and sustain nature, and to enable the delivery of outstanding, meaningful experiences to our guests.

How much attention do you dedicate to research, IT and most especially young people? To this end, how do you encourage youngsters’ creativity and above everything else their possibility to stay in Romania and be able to achieve something in this space that should offer better advantages for great values compared to political gains?

Stelian Iacob: It is true that Romania doesn’t take advantage of the full potential that the large local pool of innovators and young talents presents. We firmly believe in encouraging creativity and personal development. It is the foundation of everything we do.

We truly believe in elites and we are determined to cultivate the superlative in any field that intersects our own.

We offer a platform for people of action, as well as creative minds / contemplative personalities to interact and generate new and valuable ideas.

These values and core beliefs that guide us, coupled with the opportunity to work on cutting-edge concepts, alongside a team of specialists, in an environment that never ceases to impress, make Therme Bucharest one of the ideal brands to join, if you want to change the world for the better.

What do you think about the Sibiu International Theatre Festival? What are the joint values which have brought you close to the city of Sibiu and to the Festival?

Stelian Iacob: FITS is a cultural phenomenon that transcends the world of art, both inside and outside Romanian borders.

Therme promotes Romanian values, culture and innovation across borders, just as FITS does so very well, with each edition it hosts. Moreover, there is a shared philosophy connecting Therme and FITS, through a common set of upheld values.

Everything we do is guided by the utmost standards of quality, the experiences we are proposing offer multiple dimensions and the frame we imagine opens the viewer’s soul to surprising conversations.

Through its developing platform, Therme Bucuresti aims to patron many exceptional cultural projects and outstanding personalities from the world of art and beyond.

The partnership between Therme and FITS represents a natural, organic development towards our common goal: making the world a better place, starting with Romania.