#mistrust, #extremism, #conflicts, #assaults, #threats, #refugees = an uncertain world. A contemporary world in which we are facing huge difficulties, where we no longer have time to build up the face of our future, nor we are able to search for our inner balance.

I wanted to write about the uneasiness that comes in waves along with the news about assaults, people deprived of freedom of speech, poverty, racism, violence. But after you have witnessed a recital held by Alexandru Tomescu, or when you come home from a play, you realize there is also another way. When you see the halls packed with people who deliberately came to feel, listen and breath art among the artists, you become hopeful. In fact, this is the most important role of culture: it binds people, it designs bridges of trust, teaches us to be more indulgent, to appreciate values and be united.

A few days ago, I’ve noticed a heavy car, full of construction materials and somewhere in a corner laid this sticky note with the message “Sibiu is different”. Indeed, Sibiu is different because it invests in culture and this is already noticeable, but it will be best noticed in the years to come, in the human character.

No political program was able to transform the city the way Sibiu International Theatre Festival did in 23 years. And that is because for so many years, it managed to create bridges of trust among people. It challenges us to ask questions and to compare. If this year you say you haven’t enjoyed a show or two and that five years ago you liked it more, it means the festival has reached its purpose. You have now become a spectator who aims for quality and is more open-minded, and maybe, without even thinking, you educate yourself just by experimenting and participating in more and more events.

#trust, #Humanity, #consistency, #dialogue, #tolerance, #education = a world build with the help of culture.